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Leonardo Pelagotti, experienced instructor Wim Hof Method® France and Italy

Who are we?


INSPIRE - Unleash Your Potential was born out of an aspiration to allow everyone to develop their own potential, to be healthier, to boost their performance and to get to know themselves better.  

Leonardo Pelagotti and Elise Pieters, a couple who decided to experience life to its full potential and to test different biohacking techniques, discover in 2016 the Method Wim Hof which will have been a revelation. 

More energy, less stress, stronger immune system. 

At the time, the only way to go deeper was to train as an instructor. Leonardo goes for it and becomes a certified Wim Hof Method® instructor. Today, as a professional couple, they are committed to being able to transmit the various tools that positively impact their lives. Between breathing, hormesis, work on the strength of the mind, yoga, they offer unique experiences, accessible to all, to give everyone the keys to living better.


Leonardo Pelagotti

Expert Instructor Method Wim Hof ®, Master Instructor Oxygen Advantage ®, coach Animal Flow ®, former National Gymnast and Biohacker


Leonardo Pelagotti is an experienced Level 3 Wim Hof® Method instructor, the first MASTER Instructor Oxygen Advantage® in France, a Breathing Coach, a black belt in Kung-Fu, a former national gymnast in Italy and an engineer by training.

Leonardo is passionate about the power of the breath, the mind and the adaptive capacity of the body. He never stops experiencing in his personal practice all the benefits of biohacking exercises and continues to train himself to be able to joyfully transmit to you methods that have changed his life and his perception of his latent potential.

He has accompanied thousands of people in Europe to regain control of their breathing and mental health, such as top athletes, Italian special forces, business leaders and anyone wishing to express their best.

He works closely with theInnerfire Academy and Wim Hof in person to train future certified Wim Hof® Method instructors. He regularly coaches teams of instructors during the famous Winter Travels in Poland.

Its great capacity of synthesis, transmission and pedagogy allows it to make specific and complex scientific notions accessible to accompany everyone in the understanding and practice of powerful tools such as breathing, mental strength, cold and movement reinforcement.


Elise Pieters

Yoga Teacher - Biohacker


Elise Pieters is a Yoga teacher and biologist by training. She has always been fascinated by the complexity of life and the study of human behaviour. She specializes in Cognitive Sciences. 

She leaves the academic field to quickly create her first company in 2015: Come on, we'll see. in order to help everyone become aware of our impact as consumers by turning to shorter and more ethical channels.

Then starts a real work of discipline, in search of optimizing performance, concentration and better stress management in order to stay on course in the creation of a company.

The practice of the Wim Hof Method®, yoga and meditation gave her access to an energy and potential she had never suspected. She then decided to join Leonardo Pelagotti in his desire to transmit these powerful tools for strengthening the mind and body to as many people as possible through the practice of the Wim Hof® Method coupled with movement.

Vinyasa Yoga teacher trained by Aria Crescendo. She gives group and private classes in Paris and online.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, she launched a new company in 2019 to support women entrepreneurs through the collective Epona

His capacity for empathy, kindness and creativity brings harmony, joy and sharing to the different training courses!



Alexandre Guinefort

Method Wim HofInstructor, Naturopath (Ayurveda) and triathlete (Ironman)


I am Naturopath (CENA Robert Masson), Coach, Triathlete (IM), Photographer and Director. In love with nature I learn every day to connect to it in La Baule where I live or during the workshops Wim Hof in the mountains, at the sea or in the forest, everywhere you can practise it, you just have to adapt yourself (even in the city! I am originally from Paris). I had leukaemia when I was 5 years old, my sister died of leukaemia when I was 16 and I had Lyme disease when I was 37 (cured with the method Wim Hof), I am now 42 years old and I practice the method regularly to strengthen myself, to connect to myself, to others and to nature. I enjoy every day of life as if it were my last. Concretely, when you practice the WHM method, you fall much less sick or not at all (Immune system), you heat 4 degrees less at home (cardiovascular system, you work on vasoconstriction with cold and vasodilatation with warmth, you dress lighter in winter, finally you have a big mind in front of life's difficulties (will and self-sacrifice linked to the 3 Pillars exercises). Each one at his own pace and according to his involvement. I like to laugh, to adapt to others, to surpass myself, to learn, to transmit as simply as possible and by practice to the maximum as Wim Hof says "Feeling is understanding".
I like to share rare emotions and moments in rare places. My mission ? that of Wim Hof , to build a happy, healthy, strong human being.

More info on: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/instructors/alexguinefort


Marco Levrone

Specialist Hiking Alpes maritimes and practising the Method Wim Hof


My name is Marco Levrone, I live in Piedmont, in the north-western region of Italy on the border with France.

My main hobby is the mountains in all their variations: mountaineering or hiking, camping or contemplating the beauty unleashed at these heights. For some years now, my main passion has been ski mountaineering, but among the things I love most in the mountains, apart from the contact with the snow or the rock, I sleep under these starry skies, lulled by the silence, where sleep can really be peaceful and restful!
For about 15 years I have been deepening my knowledge of the Alps of the province of Cuneo, where this trek is organized.
I have followed theoretical and practical courses on mountaineering, alpine skiing and hiking guides.

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