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INSPIRE: between MethodWim Hof, nutrition and movement

We have created INSPIRE - Unleash your Potential to help you discover your true potential with kindness and authenticity. In order to get to know yourself better in depth, to surpass yourself and to overcome your fears. 

Integrating the Method Wim Hof and its benefits, INSPIRE adds to this method and its 3 pillars, the virtues of movement and nutrition for a complete approach.

INSPIRE shares the tools and secrets of the Iceman (which Leonardo learned directly from the Iceman alongside Wim Hof) to live to our full potential, to be healthier, happier, physically and mentally strong. 

INSPIRE allows us to live to our fullest and to positively face life's challenges. Not to always win, but to never be second to oneself.

Thanks to the complementary energies of Elise and Leonardo, INSPIRE transmits the method Wim Hof to as many people as possible. 

INSPIRE Tools - Unleash your Potential


breathing Wim Hof

How to optimize it?

Learn simple breathing techniques to discover how to breathe better in everyday life, how to mobilize your own energy or how to manage stress.


cold method Wim Hof

Natural exposure, daily for its benefits and without forcing

Gradual and regular exposure to the cold brings a series of benefits such as a reduction in fat mass, a reduction in inflammation in the body, hormonal balance, better sleep and body chemistry that improves mood (such as sports).


Posture Wim Hof

Concentration, mental attitude and meditation

The development of will and discipline allows us to better control our body and mind. Preparing with the right mental form allows us to live life's trials with the right attitude and to remain calm and focused even in stressful and difficult situations (such as in an ice bath).


Yoga Method Wim Hof

Reconnection to the body (Yoga and natural movement)

Life is movement, our body only aspires to untie, stretch and move. Many of us spend most of our time sitting down, causing many physical and psychological ills.


Young intermittent

Benefits of nutrition, fasting and Detox

Our diet, one of our first medicines! Our nutrients are gradually leaving our plates due to less environmentally friendly agriculture.

How to practice the INSPIRE Method Wim Hof and tools?

Through workshops practices, retreats, group and private lessons and personalized coaching.

The 3 pillars of the method Wim Hof already offer us a rich and effective practice. With the INSPIRE touch we make the essential elements linked to the powers of food and natural movement act in synergy. 

Thus, in the course of our workshops, it will be possible to approach 5 pillars that are breathing, cold, mental strength, movement and the power of food.

We offer workshops for all levels and profiles: from Corso for novices to Corso advanced.  

You will be able to participate in workshops in several formats: from an initiation to the Wim Hof method over a half-day in Paris to a week of travel/retirement (summer and winter) in nature.


workshops ADVANCES

Travel Method Wim Hof

Individual & group lessons

Quotes that feed INSPIRE:

"Know yourself"

- inscription of the Temple of Delphi


"Mens sana in corpore sano"

- from Latin, it is translated as "a healthy mind in a healthy body". In Ancient Greece the expression can be associated with Kalos Kagathos


"In the middle of winter, I discovered in me an invincible summer"

- A. Camus

Realization & referencing Simpleplebo


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