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Testimonials on the Method Wim Hof

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First workshop: fantastic and inspiring!

"First workshop: fantastic and inspiring! I listened to my heart and I am not disappointed. Thanks to Leonardo and Elise for their professionalism, their pedagogy and their simple and caring attitude. A wonderful discovery and an adventure that is beginning..."

By Liswati

A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience

"A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience, going beyond your limits and immersing yourself in the method with a professional team. A big thank you and I advise anyone wishing to discover or really immerse themselves to participate in a Corso. It's one thing to practice on your own, it's another to practice during a Corso. Beautiful people, beautiful moments, inspire potential an experience to discover".

By Wing T.

I went there with the goal of making a "feat", and I came out of it transformed.

"I participated in a Corso preparation for cold exposure. I went in with a goal of doing a "feat", and I came out transformed. Not only did Leo gently lead us through all the exercises (bathing in a tub of ice water, in a river, at a waterfall, a lake, hiking in the mountains in the winter shirtless, walking barefoot in the snow, lying down and rolling around in the snow), but, he gave us the keys to the method so that all these exercises could be reproduced solo. To this learning of the WHM, was associated an opening on other breathing techniques, an initiation to yoga, and some precepts of Ayurvedic medicine. I discovered during this Corso, at 60 years old, a whole continent of unexplored sensations".

By Karim R.

An extraordinary experience

"An extraordinary experience with Leo and Elise unique people who are very professional ,and human people I did a Corso at the end of February on the wim hoff method and I will never forget those moments"

By Franck R.

An unforgettable stay in the Cantal

"An unforgettable stay in Cantal supervised by Léo and Élise who by their professionalism, their generosity and their investment allowed me to practice the 3 pillars of the method wim hof as I could never have done it alone. This stay allowed me to go beyond what I could have imagined You can use the services ofinspire Potential with your eyes closed."

By Patrick M.

Incredible, intense, vibrant...

"It's hard to put into words an extraordinary experience. If you want to feel alive, strengthen yourself, meet amazing people and push yourself: you've come to the right place. Go for it!"

By Lili

Thank you, Leo!

"Through the SAP Sports Association (AMSAP), I joined with the Corso Wim Hof goal of being able to better withstand the cold when I go diving. With the period we have been going through I have continued to do the breathing exercises and to condition myself to stay in shape. Of course I take cold showers Leo has continued to give some breathing sessions that have completed some of the points that were discussed and that allow me to be relatively serene and confident in the face of this ordeal that we have been going through. I have become aware that setting up a breathing routine and making certain corrections to my life habits are beneficial to me. My body is toned and my mind is calmed. The initial objective will be verified in the future. "

By Isabelle F.

Online Training Notice

"I am completing the 10-week online training cycle of the method Wim Hof proposed by Inspire potential I had some preconceived ideas about the method, not really the desire to become like Iceman and I wasn't very impressed by the records... not very serious. Leonardo Pelagotti's presentation and teaching restore the rigour, depth and effectiveness of the method and I must admit that my perception has completely changed. In just a few weeks, I have come a long way and I can see all the potential for evolution in everyday life. Stress management and calmness are back! What well-being at all levels! I find that the method of Wim Hof is a deep and complete method that acts on different levels: physical, energetic, emotional and mental. Breathing and working on the mind are powerful. Even the exposure to the cold, which made me smile a little, proves to be an essential lever to progress and to confront the limits of the mind and of oneself. So a huge thank you to Leonardo and Elise, and through them to Wim Hof for this global and inspiring teaching. For me, these 10 weeks are a very important step in my progress, well beyond my expectations! "

By Thierry R.

Ebook MasterClass

"I read your ebook. It's a great job. It's a really good guide based on experience and practice. All of the techniques described are relevant and all have their relevance. You've synthesized them in a way that's quickly accessible."

By Laurent T.

Comprendere meglio me stesso ed i miei limiti

"your instruction was a new addition to my body and my mind, which made me understand my many limitations and my limitations that made me feel unsettled."

By Alessandro Grandis


"Thank you for accompanying us during the crisis, it was an important meeting!"

By François-Xavier

Online training

"I have just finished my fantastic 10 week online training, thank you for this precious transmission, of a high level and yet so accessible... I find energy when I had almost no more and this for so long, despite the daily practice with many techniques of well-being. Thank you for your talent to transmit with so much enthusiasm, honesty, humility... Receive my gratitude."

By Christine A.

E.book Masterclass

"Thank you, Leo and Elise, for the work you do and share so much. It is an incredible and so precious bible that serves me so much in my everyday life. Congratulations and thank you again for everything and hope to be able to tell you one day in person. "

By Marie-Helene

Master class breathing

"Thank you very much to Leonardo for this sharing of breaths and methods that reflect the importance of breathing. To go deeper, to go further, to live fully. Thank you "

By Manual

Online Breathing MasterClass


By Stéphane P

Back to MasterClass RESPIRATION online

"Thank you very much for this high level seminar which is accessible and which gives a global vision of breathing practices. I really advise for a deepening and a step back. The exercises are numerous and precise."

By Thierry

Back to online training

"Once again, thank you for everything: the videos, your commitment, your enthusiasm... I met you, virtually at first, thanks to a friend who invited me on one of your webinars... The work presented by Léo corresponds to what I'm looking for at the moment: a synthesis between an awareness of our own tools (breathing, meditation...) to strengthen ourselves both physiologically and mentally, and a physical work on postures, deep musculature... or even I imagine an adaptation of his training methods... I hope to have the opportunity, in the next few months, to meet you physically during one Corso or other, to exchange at greater length on this approach, in order to be able, thereafter, to transmit (humbly) the fundamentals around me. I am a high school teacher and adult educator, and the different audiences I work with are mostly interested in these methods... I hope to be able to learn more with this sequence of 10 lessons, for myself and for the students who will benefit from it... I may have questions as I go along... Thank you, good luck and see you soon."

By Gurvan

Online training courses are SUPER!

"Many thanks for the quality and relevance of your teachings! The online training Oxygen Advantage and the workshops of the Wim Hoff method taught by Leo are really great! These trainings allow us to be immediately autonomous, to practice either inside at home or outside during the walk and to discover with a lot of joy and peace the unexplored richness of the breath that is within our reach in the heart of our cells! "

By Tamara

Congratulations on your e-learning initiative!

"Video courses are of exceptional quality, I feel very well accompanied. Words fail me to express my gratitude. I have been practicing for 2 weeks and in these difficult times these videos are my haven of peace, they accompany me at every moment of the day when I need them several times a day. I am happy to see that others will also be able to enjoy them on your site ".

By Christine

Corso comprehensive

"I think I am putting into practice what I have been taught today for a better well-being.Corso Our check marks explain very well and transmit their energy to us. To be redone with great pleasure! Congratulations to both of you! "

By Catherine R.

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