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Sunday, January 24th 10am-1pm

After the book's release Breathing for Self-MasteryThe MasterClass, which has quickly become the number 1 selling product in its category, is a PRACTICAL MasterClass.

3 hours guided by Leonardo to accompany you through the breathing exercises in the book.

A real opportunity to be accompanied step by step in your practice of breathing exercises by an expert in the field and move from the intellectual stage to that of incorporation through practice.



What is biohacking?

Biohacking is the art of developing our potential, a true combination of ancient knowledge and scientific explanations of the human body and brain. A biohacker wants to become the best possible version of himself, improving his performance in a healthy way. Biohacking helps to understand the underlying principles of human biology and the processes of the mind in order to optimize them.

The human body and mind are like great machines. With the right tools and stimuli, we can optimize the operation of this complex machine and have access to its full potential.

And thus see beyond the specifics and understand in depth the mechanisms that make something work. And then to take that understanding and translate it into the simplest and most effective shortcut to get the desired result. All this applied to the human body and to life.

The first biohacking tool is the breath! Breathing is the missing pillar of health and performance.

With INSPIRE we focus on biohacking the body and mind with exercises, practices and rituals in a natural way. It is a non-traditional and strategic approach to mastering the body and mind by taking control of certain mechanisms considered autonomous and out of control. Biohacking also offers the help of technology and data measurements.
The objective is to better know oneself as a whole in order to then become an actor of change on oneself and live our lives better.


Masterclass di Respirazione 2.0 (italiano)

15 December 2020

8:45-10:45 p.m.


OBIETTIVI: access to the potential room of the breathing field

con l'INTEGRAZIONE DI METODI COMPLEMENTARI (Breathology, Pranayama, Oxygen Advantage,

Breath Mastery) e diversi approcci.

E ottimizza così la tua respirazione per una vita quotidiana più serena e in Salute.

BONUS: bring to your home the Libro di Leonardo sulla Respirazione, a practical and concise guide to help you control your breathing.


Realization & referencing Simpleplebo


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