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Book: Breathing for Self-Mastery

" When the breath is shallow or irregular, the mind is unstable, but when the breath is calm and deep, the mind is calm and peaceful and the yogi lives long. Therefore, the rhythm of breathing must be controlled"

Swartmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Learning to Breathe for better self-control?

A promise that sounds too good to be true?

And yet breathing has been known for millennia to be a real gateway to learning to know and control oneself better.

Many people are interested in breathing but feel lost in this broad field and do not know where and how to start their practice.

Leonardo Pelagotti, ESPERTO DI RESPIRAZIONE, experienced instructor Method Wim Hof and Master Coach Oxygen Advantage has selected 30 breathing techniques accessible to all and with quick results to help you on 9 themes such as stress management,energy and performance, etc...

The objective of this guide is to lead you towards optimal breathing according to your goals.

"Breathing is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, that unites our bodies to our thoughts."

- Thich Nhat Hanh -


To go further in the field of Breathing!


After the book's release Breathing for Self-MasteryThe MasterClass, which has quickly become the number 1 selling product in its category, is a PRACTICAL MasterClass.

3 hours guided by Leonardo to accompany you through the breathing exercises in the book.

A real opportunity to be accompanied step by step in your practice of breathing exercises by an expert in the field and move from the intellectual stage to that of incorporation through practice.



Contents Breathing MasterClass Pack

A 3-hour training video*.

*replay of the MasterClass live breathing

Ebook version of the book written by Leonardo Pelagotti:
Breathing for self-control

Price: 99€.


Strengthen your immune system

Increase energy and concentration

Better sleep

Increase physical performance

Reduce your stress level

Breathing for Self-Mastery
Practical Guide: The Path of Biohacking

What are you going to find in this very first book fromInspire Potential?

Discover 30 breathing techniques, on 9 key daily themes, to better manage stress, strengthen and optimize concentration, energy and performance.

Leonardo Pelagotti has concentrated in this guide several years of personal research and techniques around breathing, as well as the wisdom and instructions contained in the best books he could find on this fascinating subject.

It is a condensed, in a few pages, of ancient and modern knowledge of the power that the breath has on the mind and the body to make them work in synergy.

The aim of this guide is above all PRACTICE!

This book will guide you through simple breathing exercises according to your needs and the initial state of your breathing.

A book with a concise purpose, for the challenges of everyday life.

You will learn how to reintroduce the pillar of breathing and its major importance for your health and vitality such as the importance of good nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, etc...

What you will learn in this guide:

Discover 30 breathing techniques, on 9 key daily themes:

1 / Managing STRESS,

2 / Managing EMOTIONS,

3 / Manage the INFLAMMATION,


5 / Facilitating MEDITATION, and the state of FLOW

6 / Have moreENERGY and ENDURANCE,

7 / Increasing our PHYSICAL and SPORTScapacities

8 / Improving our HEALTH, and strengthening the IMMUNITY SYSTEM

9 / Facilitating SLEEP


A huge thank you to Pierre, Guillaume and Baptiste!

Pierre Dufraisse

Pierre Dufraisse

Naturopath, Creator of the Youtube channel Vérisme Tv

This collection therefore represents a practical referenceguide written by the person who, in my opinion, is the most relevant to talk about breathing.

My advice: trust Leonardo with your lungs and your diaphragm, your health will thank you.


Guillaume Bourdila

World record holder for dynamic finless freediving

Thank you Leo for this book which allows everyone to discover the basics of breathing and to understand what a good breath control can bring.

A great success, thank you for sharing.

Baptiste Izoulet

Baptiste Izoulet

Osteopath trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Getting toknow yourself better, harmonising through simple breathing exercises and thus modifying your internal chemistry to finally fully exist, this is the magnificent gift that Leonardo offers you at workshops and when reading these pages.

Happy reading to you all. Smile, you're breathing!

Grazie Mille a Benedetta e Jacopo!

Pierre Dufraisse

Benedetta Spada

Insegnante Yoga, micronutrition coach and writer for Gazzetta dello Sport

Questo libro saprà accompagnarvi con alcune tecniche accessibili alla scoperta di un maggior discernimento, grazie al quale potrete a nare gli strumenti utili al vostro benessere quotidiano.

Pierre Dufraisse

Jacopo Yogendra Ceccarelli

Naturopata, Counselor Insegnante e Formatore Yoga

Con immenso piacere ho letto il lavoro di Leonardo potendo apprezzare la cura che ha messo nei dettagli che spiegano il meraviglioso mondo della respirazione .

leonardo pelagotti

Leonardo Pelagotti

Breathing expert - Biohacker - Author

Leonardo Pelagotti is a breathing coach, biohacker, advanced instructor of the Method Wim Hof, Master coach Oxygen Advantage, Shaolin Kung-Fu black belt, Coach Animal Flow and former national gymnast.

Leonardo is passionate about the power of Pranayama and never ceases to experience in his personal practice all the benefits of breathing exercises. He continues to train with current experts in this field so that he can pass on to you methods that have changed his life and his perception of his latent potential.

He has accompanied thousands of people in Europe to regain control of their breathing, the gateway to biohacking and human potential, such as top athletes and sports teams in France, Italian special forces, business leaders and entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to express the best in themselves.

What they say!

First workshop: fantastic and inspiring!

"First workshop: fantastic and inspiring! I listened to my heart and I am not disappointed. Thanks to Leonardo and Elise for their professionalism, their pedagogy and their simple and caring attitude. A wonderful discovery and an adventure that is beginning..."

By Liswati

A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience

"A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience, going beyond your limits and immersing yourself in the method with a professional team. A big thank you and I advise anyone wishing to discover or really immerse themselves to participate in a Corso. It's one thing to practice on your own, it's another to practice during a Corso. Beautiful people, beautiful moments, inspire potential an experience to discover".

By Wing T.

I went there with the goal of making a "feat", and I came out of it transformed.

"I participated in a Corso preparation for cold exposure. I went in with a goal of doing a "feat", and I came out transformed. Not only did Leo gently lead us through all the exercises (bathing in a tub of ice water, in a river, at a waterfall, a lake, hiking in the mountains in the winter shirtless, walking barefoot in the snow, lying down and rolling around in the snow), but, he gave us the keys to the method so that all these exercises could be reproduced solo. To this learning of the WHM, was associated an opening on other breathing techniques, an initiation to yoga, and some precepts of Ayurvedic medicine. I discovered during this Corso, at 60 years old, a whole continent of unexplored sensations".

By Karim R.

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