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Breathing and Biohacking

" When the breath is shallow or irregular, the mind is unstable, but when the breath is calm and deep, the mind is calm and peaceful and the yogi lives long. Therefore, the rhythm of breathing must be controlled"

Swartmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Online training


After the book's release Breathing for self-control written in French and Italian, which quickly became number 1 in sales in its category, discover this PRACTICAL MasterClass.

3 hours of online training guided by Leonardo to accompany you through the breathing exercises inthe book.

A real opportunity to be accompanied step by step in your practice of breathing exercises by an expert in the field and move from the intellectual stage to that of incorporation through practice.



BONUS: Leave with the new version of the book in pdf format:

Breathing for Self Mastery, written by Leonardo Pelagotti,a true guide and condensed to learn how to master your breath.

PRICE: 99€ (includes the pdf version of the book + 3 hours of training accessible for life)

Extract Ebook MasterClass Breathing

Excerpt from the Practical Guide: Breathing for TrueSelf-Mastery , a compendium of 30 breathing techniques covering 9 themes

(Stress management, endurance, energy, sleep, emotional management, inflammation, concentration, meditation and immune system action)

leonardo pelagotti

Leonardo Pelagotti

Breathing expert - Biohacker - Author

Leonardo Pelagotti is a breathing coach, biohacker, advanced instructor of the Method Wim Hof, Master coach Oxygen Advantage, Shaolin Kung-Fu black belt, Coach Animal Flow and former national gymnast.

Leonardo is passionate about the power of Pranayama and never ceases to experience in his personal practice all the benefits of breathing exercises. He continues to train with current experts in this field so that he can pass on to you methods that have changed his life and his perception of his latent potential.

He has accompanied thousands of people in Europe to regain control of their breathing, the gateway to biohacking and human potential, such as top athletes and sports teams in France, Italian special forces, business leaders and entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to express the best in themselves.

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