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Method Trip Wim Hof - 3 days, Lac des Graves, Cantal, 12-14 November 2021

Travel Method Wim Hof

Travel Method Wim Hof - 3 days, Lac des Graves, Cantal, 12 to 14 November 2021


NOVEMBER 12 to 14, 2021

Starts: Friday 9am

Ends: Sunday 4pm


Hotel Lac des Graves,

Lascelle, Cantal

PRICE per person:

745€ Shared room (including couple)

795€ Single room

Do you know the power of the Method Wim Hof ? 

Would you like to practice it in the wilderness? 


 3 day immersion

Between Method Wim Hof - NATURE - Breathing 


  • DISCOVER and PRACTICE the Method Wim Hof in the heart of nature in Cantal with Leonardo Pelagotti, the only instructor and trainer of the Method Wim Hof in France
  • Rendezvous at the Lac des Graves hotel, which has become THE PLACE in France to practice the Method Wim Hof with its private lake.


  • In this Corso you will get to know yourself better, discover your hidden potential and bring back into your life powerful keys and concrete tools to be HAPPY, HEALTHIER and stronger!

Come back transformed in your daily life! 

Whether you are NEW or EXPERIENCED practitioners of the MethodWim Hof, it Corso is suitable for all levels! 

You are about to embark on an extraordinary ADVENTURE!











Why participate in the Method Journey Wim Hof - 3 days?

Discover and practice the Fundamentals of the Method Wim Hof

Deepen and experience the Method Wim Hof through more advanced exercises in the wilderness with the only level 3 instructor in France

Experience different sources of cold weather: ice bath, waterfall, lake, etc.

Find a body-mind-spirit alignment .

Introduction to Yoga

Learn how to optimize your daily breathing and physical performance.

Go on a mountain excursion the way you would Wim Hof (Shorts will be out!)

Make extraordinary encounters and discover the power of the Method's "Tribe". Wim Hof

Discover the science behind the Method Wim Hof

3 days for you to (re)discover and come back with powerful tools for your daily life and to be happier, healthier and stronger.

Method Travel Program Wim Hof

DAY 1:

Discovery Day Method Wim Hof!

9am: Start of the Corso

- Breathing sections: we see the basics of healthy breathing, how to avoid mistakes and learn good practices that allow us to manage our stress, to be more serene and relaxed and to optimize our energy in our daily life.

These exercises come from the breathing optimization program Oxygen Advantage.

- Practical and theoretical explanations of breathing Wim Hof with step-by-step guided exercises to learn how to relax in depth, to balance the nervous system between a state of calm and attention/concentration. 

- Movement sessions: yoga, 5 Tibetans, stretching and relaxation. 

- Mental preparation: visualization, breaking limiting beliefs, finding the right mental shape to face daily challenges.  

- Preparation for exposure to the cold: the mistakes to avoid, the tools to put in place, the benefits of the second degree, the change of perspective, how to warm up after the exposure.

- Exposure to cold (ice bath/lake/cascade): qualitative part of exposure to cold, overcoming it, discovering other means within us. Very positive mental state, release of happiness hormones and energy. 

- Warm-up: the exercise continues after the exposure and discover all the exercises to warm up efficiently and calmly.

- Convenient with hot tub

- Debriefing to close the day

- Theory and the latest scientific research on the Method Wim Hof

This 1st day corresponds to one Corso of the Fundamentals of the MethodWim Hof.

DAY 2:

Deepening day Method Wim Hof! 

On the second day, the method Wim Hof will be studied in depth:

- Introduction to Yoga

- Practice advanced breathing exercises Wim Hof Method with anti-inflammatory breathing exercises and hybrid breathing. (see this video to better understand their difference)

- Part related to the cold in the middle of nature: swimming in the lake and ice bathing, approaching it with different positive emotional states.

- Discover advanced warming techniques to awaken the warmth in you before and after the cold, such as Brown Fat Activation (BAT activation)

- Deepening of breathing techniques and part of natural movement and meditation

- Debriefing of the day

- Evening of exchanges and practice of relaxation

DAY 3:

Go deep into the wilderness

- Yoga initiation

- More advanced breathing exercises

- Hike to the top Wim Hof style

- Deepening exercises with the cold and the breath

- Practice of advanced warming techniques

- Debriefing, advice on how to integrate the method into daily life and Closing of the Corso

End of the Corso: 16h 

Price from 745€. 


For this price you will get:

- Teaching by Leonardo Pelagotti, certified LEVEL 3 instruct or of the Method Wim Hof (able to transmit the advanced exercises and trainer of the Method instructors Wim Hof) and collaborator of Wim Hof and theInnerfire Academy .

- Intervention by Elise Pieters, Yoga teacher, practitioner of the Method Wim Hof and founder ofInspire Potential.

- Supervision by Alexandre Guinefort, certified instructor Wim Hof level 2 and naturopath.

- An exceptional NATURE FRAMEWORK

- Excursions in the mountains, exposure to the cold in different places (lake, waterfall, ice bath)

- Basic Exercises and ADVANCEments of the Method Wim Hof

- Integrated and complete breathing work 

- 3 days and 2 nights all inclusive full board at the Hotel du Lac des Graves

- Souvenir photos of the adventure taken by a professional photographer

- Added to the PRIVATE COMMUNITY on Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch with the whole group afterwards. 

- Leave with your audios of breaths animated by Leonardo Pelagotti

Practical information:

The Corso starts at 9am on Friday 12 November and ends at 4pm on Sunday 14 November 2021.

  • For whom:

Accessible to all levels

A disclaimer will be requested to validate your registration

  • Payment:

Possibility to pay in 2 installments at no extra cost (contact us by mail)

  • Business:

Bring a yoga mat, a small blanket (plaid type), two bathing suits, one or two towels, shorts, walking shoes, flip-flops, a small backpack.

  • Transport:

Nearest train station and airport: Aurillac

  • Housing:

Possibility of single* or shared room

Possibility of arrival the day before, contact the hotel directly to book your extra night.


* allow for extra charge 

  • Food:

Meals prepared by the hotel. 

3 meals included. Meal times will be flexible depending on the cold weather exercises.

Alcohol not included in the price

The Management Team

Leonardo Pelagotti
Founder INSPIRE, Method Instructor Wim Hof level 3, Master coach Oxygen Advantage, ex-gymnast and author

Leonardo Pelagotti, Founder INSPIRE, is an experienced Method Wim Hofinstructor since 2017, former national level gymnast and black belt in Kung Fu. He works closely with Wim Hof and Innerfire, he regularly coaches the Winter Travel in Poland as team coordinator. He has accompanied thousands of practitioners around the world to discover and deepen the MethodWim Hof.

He became a coach Oxygen Advantage in 2019 to complete his expertise in optimizing breathing for top athletes and for everyone on a daily basis.

He became an instructor Animal flow in 2020.

Elise Pieters
Founder INSPIRE, yoga teacher and practitioner of the Method Wim Hof

Alexandre Guinefort
instructor Method Wim Hof level 2, Naturopath, Triathlete, photographer, videographer

Alexandre is a Level 2 Method Wim Hof Instructor, Naturopath (CENA Robert Masson), Coach, Triathlete (IM), Photographer and Director. In love with nature and human potential, at the age of 37, he is afflicted with Lyme disease and does everything possible to find solutions to cure himself. It is on this path of healing that he meets the Method Wim Hof that allowed him to cure himself. Alexandre joined the INSPIRE team more than a year ago to help spread the message of a more humane, healthy and happy world.



Damien Gaston
Founder of My Cantal, Organizer of the Volcan'X Triathlon, Trailer

Founder of Cocon Mobile, Sauna, Nordic Baths

They testify to their participation in the workshops Method Wim Hof and training courses.

"First workshop: fantastic and inspiring!"

By Liswati

First workshop: fantastic and inspiring! I listened to my heart and I am not disappointed. Thank you to Léonardo and Élise for their professionalism, their pedagogy and their simple and benevolent attitude. A wonderful discovery and an adventure that is beginning...


"A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience"

By Wing T.

A Corso with inspire potential is a real group experience, going beyond your limits and immersing yourself in the method with a professional team. A big thank you and I advise anyone wishing to discover or really immerse themselves to participate in a Corso. It's one thing to practice on your own, it's another to practice during a Corso. Beautiful people, beautiful moments, inspire potential an experience to discover


"I went in with a goal of making an 'achievement', and I came out transformed."

By Karim R.

I participated in a Corso to prepare for the cold exposure. I went in with a goal of doing a "feat", and I came out transformed. Not only did Leo gently lead us through all the exercises (bathing in a tub of ice water, in a river, at a waterfall, in a lake, hiking in the mountains in winter shirtless, walking barefoot in the snow, lying down and rolling around in the snow), but he gave us the keys to the method so that all these exercises could be reproduced solo. To this learning of the WHM, was associated an opening on other breathing techniques, an initiation to yoga, and some precepts of Ayurvedic medicine. I discovered during this Corso, at 60 years old, a whole continent of unexplored sensations


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