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Why does GOOD BREATHING help us in our daily lives?


Why does GOOD BREATHING help us in our daily lives?

Optimizing our breathing has many benefits in our daily lives and learning to breathe is essential for our health. Today, I share with you some exercises Oxygen Advantage.

There are 2 pillars in the program Oxygen Advantage :

  • Functional breathing

  • Breathing during movement (altitude simulation)

In this video, I explain how these exercises can help us with our functional breathing and workouts.


Some resources

I'll talk about James Nestor's experience in his book "Breath, the new science of a lost art".

Find the summary of the book : Breath - The new science of a lost art by James Nestor

In video : James Nestor Breath by Leonardo Pelagotti

And he talks about the benefits of Nitric Oxide:

More info in this article: Buteyko - Anti-viral and nose breathing tip - nitric oxide and coronavirus


Evaluate your breathing in 5 minutes with our test!

As you know, breathing has benefits for the mind as well as the body: performance, stress management, reduction of inflammation, etc.
But how do we know if our BREATHING is OPTIMAL? And how do we EVALUATE its EFFECTIVENESS, how do we know if we are BREATHING CORRECTLY on a daily basis and benefiting from all the BENEFITS? and benefit from all the BENEFITS of our breathing?
If you are asking yourself these questions, then our test is for you! To access it, simply register below:

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