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5 min to evaluate your breathing

" Living mindfully, slowing your pace and savoring every second and every breath is enough."

- Thich Nhat Hanh -

Evaluate your breathing in 5 minutes with our test!

As you know, breathing has benefits for the mind as well as the body: performance, stress management, reduction of inflammation, etc.
But how do we know if our BREATHING is OPTIMAL? And how do we EVALUATE its EFFECTIVENESS, how do we know if we are BREATHING CORRECTLY on a daily basis and benefiting from all the BENEFITS? and benefit from all the BENEFITS of our breathing?
If you are asking yourself these questions, then our test is for you! To access it, simply register below:


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leonardo pelagotti

Leonardo Pelagotti

Breathing expert - Biohacker - Author

Leonardo Pelagotti is a breathing coach, biohacker, advanced instructor of the Method Wim Hof, Master coach Oxygen Advantage, Shaolin Kung-Fu black belt, Coach Animal Flow and former national gymnast.

Leonardo is passionate about the power of Pranayama and never ceases to experience in his personal practice all the benefits of breathing exercises. He continues to train with current experts in this field so that he can pass on to you methods that have changed his life and his perception of his latent potential.

He has accompanied thousands of people in Europe to regain control of their breathing, the gateway to biohacking and human potential, such as top athletes and sports teams in France, Italian special forces, business leaders and entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to express the best in themselves.

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